Review: Clinique Lash-Building Primer

Clinique Lash Building PrimerClaim: Lash-conditioning undercoat boosts the benefits of Clinique mascaras. Unique polymer combination holds mascara to lashes for a longer, fuller look and extended wear. Moisturizing formula helps condition and mend dry lashes. 

Review: What an interesting dilemma. I already have rather thick and lashes, so I don’t “need” this product, but since I had it, thought I’d give it a try. I never thought I could have lashes that were TOO long and thick, but Clinique’s Lash-Building Primer has done it.

The Lash-Building Primer is a thick white substance that reminds me of vanilla cake frosting. I brushed it on until my lashes were well-coated, waited about 30 seconds, then applied two coats of mascara.

And now my eyelashes are so long, they’re brushing against the lenses of my glasses every time I blink. I didn’t curl them before using the primer and mascara (d’oh!) so they’re also obscuring my vision— my lashes are so long and fully, they’re literally swooping down into my field of sight. It’s… actually really annoying.

Combing through is essential with this primer, in my opinion. Opportunities for clumps lurk at each pass of the wand. I combed after applying the primer and each coat of mascara.

I actually used two kinds of mascara, one on each eye, to see whether dry or wet mascara worked better with the primer: Clinique High Impact (wetter) and Clinique Lash Doubling (dryer). I found that the wetter mascara did a superior job of coating the white film of the primered lashes. The dryer mascara just wasn’t loose enough and left some of the harder-to-get-to lashes tipped with white.

In all, this is a good purchase for those of us who need or want significant building-up of their lashes, and have the patience and time to use it. For those of us who want a faster and easier, get-out-the-door routine, it might not be the best choice for you.

Cost: $14.00

Repurchase:  Probably not.

Awesomesauce, decent, mediocre, or crapola: Decent. If I had short and sparse lashes, it would probably be awesomesauce for me.

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