Review: Nyx Glossy Black Liner

Claims: The usual gung-ho collection of adjectives: sleek, dramatic, effortless, &c &c. 

Review: It’s your typical twist-up eye pencil, I guess. Not glossy so much as has a faint sheen, scarcely noticeable. Quite dark black, but very hard and tugs on and skips across the skin in an annoying and sometimes painful manner. 

It sets very quickly, so you have almost NO time to smudge or, if you’re a klutz like moi, fix your mistakes. Wears like iron, too, requiring dedicated eye makeup remover to get it off, which is either fantastic or awful, depending on your preferences.

Me, I like to be able to get my eyeliner off without scouring the flesh of my eyelids until they’re raw. But if you swim, are a cryer, or perhaps are a sex worker specializing in bukkake, the waterproof-plus quality of this liner could be a good godsend. 

Cost: $6.00

Repurchase: Nah. There are plenty of other, softer, longer-setting-time, easier-to-remove liners just waiting for me to buy them. 

Awesomesauce, decent, mediocre, or crapola: I will day mediocre, because of how it didn’t meet my particular needs, but on another person, it could well be decent, or, at this price point, even awesomesauce.

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